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Corporate/Civilian Active Shooter Response

It is understandable that no one really wants to think about a critical incident such as an Active Shooter
taking place in their office. Statistically speaking, these events occur in business and commerce more
often than anywhere else. As a retired law enforcement officer and a firearms instructor certified by the
Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers, among others, I have developed a course to help you and
your staff prepare for the unthinkable.

Course Description: The intent of the class is to convey fundamental knowledge about an active
threat/shooter event including how humans respond psychologically and physically in high-stress
situations, steps your staff can take to respond to a threat, what to expect from a law enforcement
response, and ideas around safety protocols for your offices to help prevent or stifle such an event. This
training will help your staff think outside the box if an event were to happen. If requested, an on-site
assessment of safety and security protocols can also be conducted.

Learning Objectives:
1. Active Shooter/Threat Event Defined
2. Case Studies
3. Identify and discuss the phases of Disaster Response Psychology
4. Define and identify the typical and atypical active threat events
5. Explain each of the civilian response protocols as they relate to and active threat event
6. Safety and Security Protocol: Do you have one? Should you have one?

Course Delivery: Power Point, Lecture

Course Length: Approx. 2 hours (depending upon how many questions arise from staff)

Course Cost: $1,000 | On-Site Assessment: $200

Equipment needed: Table or podium and projector

I will submit receipts for actual lodging and transportation expenses plus a daily per
diem of $60 for meals and incidentals. I would want to schedule far enough
in advance to ensure we get the best price on airfare.

Contact Owner/Instructor Jon States to register and for more information:                                               

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